About Us

We know branding well.

Creating a brand used to be easy. Nowadays it is not enough to produce the best product or give the best service to become a successful brand. We live in a time where the consumer is the king. Now we have to build the right strategy, offer the right product or service to the right people at the right time. While doing this, one has to be different from the competition, be unique and have an original brand identity.

Goodjob was founded for this reason by the brand consultants Eren Özata and Serhan Ok who made it their principle to produce “good jobs” for brands with big targets and creating good brands. Goodjob established market entry strategies for Iran, Russia, Germany and especially for Turkey’s market.

We know the Turkish people and Turkey well, as we are one of them.

Goodjob will aid you to do your marketing in the right way so that you won’t suffer million dollar losses on the Turkish market. Being the expert in many areas of B2B and B2C sectors of “Understanding and Consumer Insight”, it is Goodjobs mission to find the source of the problem first and discover the need of the market and then find the best possible solution. We also work to ensure that the agency is briefed right and perceive the correct interpretation for the clients. We provide an evaluation of the work produced with the technical requirements of branding and not by personal taste.

So far we have worked in 20 sectors for almost 30 brands and we have experience in many cases so that we can consider ourselves the brand management professionals who know the Turkish market the best for the visionaries who value their brand.

Real Cases