How we solved BOSCH brand case?


We brought the brand inspection consulting (Goodaudit) project to life for BOSCH who is invented for life. The problem was that the carpenters hesitated to prefer BOSCH and we did not know how to deal with this.


To find out according to what the users prefer the brands, their expectations and preferences are, we visited more than 100 carpenters in 6 cities and dozens of stores. And we came up with a strategy for BOSCH to make a difference. Contrary to our first thought that the carpenters may have chosen Chinese brands turned out to be wrong. They preferred brands they trusted. It was confusing for some that there were to series of BOSCH: the amateur (green) and the professional (blue).
Discovering this problem, we decided to build the strategy on “Durability”. BOSCH started to apply the strategy.


At the end of the project BOSCH created a more customer oriented strategy and chose a closer communication method to the carpenters. All the communication was developed on “Durability” and “Blue BOSCH” started to communicate with the target audience.


Real Cases