Brand Consulting

Goodjob isn’t the kind of consulting company which gives you reports which can’t be read and just end up in the archive. Goodjob is neither a research company, an agency nor a public relations company. We work for establishments and organizations who want to strengthen their brand and thus make it more competitive on the market. Their products, services and brands are adopted as if they were our own. Goodjob learns and teaches. Problems of the brand are solved, they are guided and their limits are determined. Strategies that cannot be put into action or that do not cover the need of the brand are not suggested. We value the principles of your brand. It is ensured that the brand’s power is discovered and used to differ from the competition. The potential of the brand is converted into kinetic energy. We incorporated our services regarding to the client’s needs.


Our Consulting Services:

Goodname Brand Naming:
The most important element of a brand is its name. The correct brand name is the culmination of the correct strategy and terms created by our consulting service.
Goodstart Establishing A New Brand:
It is a service for the first step, accessing the target audience, from the brand name to the logo, from the packaging to the channel strategies are handled with a marksman precision.
Goodidentity Creating the Brand Identity:
It is the service for those wanting to redesign the communication elements and visual identity of their brand. In this service Goodjob works with a professional brand identity designer.
Goodbrand Managing A Brand:
It is a service for those requiring expert support in marketing or for those wishing to hire an expert for marketing actions.