Who is it for?

This service is for those who want to leave the whole or only a part of the marketing department to an expert in the sector.

Scope of services

  • Planning, managing the budget and other marketing activities for the brand’s strategy to maintain stability
  • Rendering assistance to find the correct business partner in advertising agencies, handling briefings and overseeing the resulting job’s suitability to the brand.
  • The discovery of an appropriate research model in situations that require research, the presence of a business partner, briefing and interpretation of results
  • Ratification of 3rd party proposals (sponsorship, media related purchases) and providing expert opinion
  • Monitoring the competitor’s marketing activities
  • Monitoring the progress on the market and giving directions to the marketing activities in this context
  • Developing new ideas for products or services and evaluating these ideas
  • Management of distribution and dealer relations, handling marketing activity (promotions, rewards, etc.)