goodstart: brand creation

Who is it for?

Goodjob saves your money by preventing wrong first steps, accurately determining the target audience’s needs and efficiently utilize your new born brand.

Scope of services

  • Before promoting a new product/service the market is analyised
  • Customer analysis: The potential target audience’s expectations and needs are determined
  • Competition analysis: Analyzing the competition’s strategy, products and other features
  • Market analysis: The analysis of the market’s evolution, trends and the parameters of the market
  • Internal analysis: The analysis of the brand’s own features
  • Mapping the position of the competition and researching the most suitable gap on the market
  • Creating a Brand Promise ve Brand Value Proposition to the the gap on the market.
  • The Brand Code is prepared to determine the rules.
  • Determining a verification of list of changes to be taken in order to apply to the brand strategy
  • party agencies are briefed so that the brand’s new identity is correctly brought to life