Basic brand naming process is as follows in Goodjob.

While determining the brand or company name, each step should be carefully considered.

  1. Strategic Study: The values of the brand will be evaluated as the first step of this study. The strategy is very important in brand naming. Who will this brand appeal to? For which target audience will this brand be created? What are the main features of this audience?
  2. Study of the Competition: The names and naming process of the sector’s competition is analyzed. It is examined whether there is an suffix/prefix or abbreviation unique to the sector. For example in the spreadable chocolate category usually the suffix “-elle, -ella” is used.
  3. Semantic Study: It is elicited if the brand’s name should be meaningful, if so in which language or how it can/should be pronounced
  4. Morphological Study: Where will the brand applied? According to this, how many letters or syllables does it need? Shortly, it is determined how the name should look like.
  5. Conceptual Study: After the evaluation of the values of the brand, the team starts to find a concept according to the values. For example, if a company promotes “health” one of the key words could be “leukocyte”. To find the right key words, a brainstorming session is done. For the success of this concept this study must be done in detail.
  6. Creative Study: New names are created while observing the brands semantic and morphologic structure. Many alternatives are created while staying away from overused words. By dismantling existing ones and combining them with different words, new names are created. This is the creation part of brand naming process.
  7. Registration Control: New found names are registered through TPE following regulations regarding to the classification of brands. Here it is useful to obtain support from the intellectual property rights of the trademark registration office.
  8. Advanced Control: The names in accordance with the registration are controlled on social media websites and domains. Detailed research on internet search engines are conducted to prevent any undesired associations such as porn or alike.
  9. Trademark Registry: As an application document, it is enough to purchase a “” web page.
  10. The Brand Identitiy Briefing: A briefing about the visual identity that the brand needs to have. This briefing is a guide to what the logo and the corporate identity should contain.