The brand scent is one of the most important key pieces of some brands. The brands which have a smell, which have a closed area…

You know that nobody likes to change their perfume easily. They not only like the scent but also want to identify themselves with it. They want to own the fragrance. Almost everybody knows this feeling. Have you ever felt the desire to conquer the opposite sex when you smell them, no matter where, be it at a street corner, concert or among the crowd? The reaction when you smell your old flame (or the new one) don’t you feel like you just met her again? A perfume is a very personal product. One “feels like something” when they put it on. Sometimes attractive, sometimes clean, sometimes charismatic or even sexy…

The brand scent is one of the most important parts. The visual parts are used very clearly and they are very crowded. The consumer knows there’s a profit in it, at worst they feel suspicious and don’t trust the brand. Today, consumers resist to such visual molestation. When the consumer sees an ad they turn away, once the commercials starts they change the channel and they want to enter the cinema when the commercials are over… And no one can stand the sudden pop-ups on any website anymore. Right now, it is a strange combination of brands trying too hard to make consumers notice and consumers try too hard not to. Today, logos, emblems, colors, mascots and celebrities are heavily used. One of cognitive organs, the eye is overtaxed against this marketing ocean. As most of the human perception is visual, the brand world is extremely rich in visuality. But this makes it harder for the brands to differ from each other so that they are searching for new ways to enter the consumer’s mind.

It is not as easy to own a color as it used to be. Dozens of different sectors and hundreds of other brands can use the same color. Smell is the brand of subconsciousness. Like your old sweetheart’s odour. Actually its used as a way of communication for hundreds of years. For example, our chestnut salesman cooks his wares or our kokorec dealer cooks it over charred coals. During the day before eid, coffee salesmen roast coffee outside their shops. The scent invites us, makes us hungry and makes us buy. A brand new car smell is so unique to itself. This fragrance is sprayed into the car when it leaves the factory and the scent stays for a few months. I believe that this scent, the fragrance of the brand, convinces many customers to buy a new car. Every brand should have its own smell. It is what your consumer remembers you as. KFC and Burger King heavily promotes themselves utilizing artificial smells. When you go to a shopping mall for a quick meal, you go to food court without thinking. You consider eating their products or at least go into their direction. The smell makes sure that you think of the brand before you see the logo. It catches you off guard. In many shops you are greeted with a certain scent. But only a few are designed professionally for the brand. Whereas the brand’s fragrance should be designed in the same professional manner as the logo. The right brand fragrance is not the choice of the manager, the sales manager or a scent chosen by the staff. Apart from personal preferences, the scent should perfectly fit to the brand and announced as such. For example, a familiar, nice brand should choose a well known scent for people. For entertainment brands, that should be provoking and energizing. Sophisticated brands should develop their own scent so people will see it as a status symbol. Natural brands should use natural scents.

Old malls or bazaars, like the Grand Bazaar have certain scents, too. Nowadays it is called as “authentic”. The smell of intimacy and spontaneity… It also offers the fresh smell of fresh spices … The modern malls have a lot to learn from the old ones in this subject. The malls, where many stores get together in on place, have to consider the scent as an important element. Popular perception of shopping malls are shaped by the time spent there. Scent registers itself in the subconscious, that’s why it is so strong

But how is a brand scent designed? There are professional companies in the field of brand scent. The best choice would be to get support from them… The important thing is, to “develop” the scent that fits for the brand’s promises, personality and consumers. Brandessence is one of those companies. You present your brand to them and if possible, a brand new essence is born.

Don’t forget! The scent should be unforgettable like your loved one’s scent.

Good work!