Naming A Brand


Naming a brand is not easy. The right name is the most precious asset of a brand. Because it is becoming difficult to find a brand name that can be registered nowadays, a specialist is required. With Goodjob’s expertise in brand strategy, we know what a good brand name needs to have and find the right name for you.

Who is it for?

This service is for those who want to create a new brand and thus search for the right brand name.

Scope of services:

  • Do a preliminary research on the sector the brand operates in
  • A naming strategy is prepared according to the brand’s strategy, the competition’s names, the application area of the brand’s name and customer groups
  • A study on the brand’s semantics (what should it mean, should it be meaningful, in which language will it used) and morphology (how many letters should it have, how should the phonology be, how should the typography be)
  • The naming process suitable to the brand’s strategy consists of 10 stages.
    1. Strategy
    2. Analysis of the Competition
    3. Semantic Study
    4. Morphological Study
    5. Conceptual Study
    6. Creation Process
    7. Registration Control
    8. Detailed Control
    9. Starting the Registration Process
    10. The Briefing for the Brand’s Identity (the logo and firm’s identity)

The brand name is a strategic decision. The one who knows the strategy the best can create the best name for the brand.