Onjob Insider™

Doing a research in an isolated atmosphere (for instance, a classical focus groups), gives us unsurprising results most of the time. It is important to observe people in their natural world and to let them feel how they feel normally. Onjob Insider, discovers the inside thoughts and feelings that we really need.

There are three types of the model:

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  • Onjob InsiderWork
  • Onjob InsiderPartner

Soul Mate™

To understand the people well, it is important to be their soul mate. It is all about ability of empathy. This methodology discovers real and strong basic points that we get it by one on one (or one on two) interviews and metaphoric tools. We use analytic psychotherapy methodology.

Go Counter

The one who loves much can defend the brand much. Also their own convincing arguments and their own language. This methodology is useful to compare your brand and your primary competitor. This is a consumer war scenario and it is a kind of debate we moderate.


The internet is one of the most important information sources. Real people talk about something related with you in hundreds of internet platforms on their own will. Forums, blogs and the comments under a Youtube video is an important source. We can get the information and the feeling under that.


The ethnographic research becoming an important source of information day to day. Etnosfer™ research, which is done by anthropologists, is searching to discover the meanings about a community who lives together or who shares same beliefs and habits.